Breakaway Recreation & Holiday Services inc …

Breakaway Recreation & Holiday Services Inc organises group social and recreational activities, weekends away, interstate and overseas holidays. Membership is open to adults

with intellectual disability aged 18 years and over, that reside in the Western Suburbs of Sydney.

The activities focus on friendship and social interaction amongst our members, staff and volunteers. All activities are supported by Breakaway staff and volunteers. Recent activities

include: Swimming, Day Trips to Regional NSW, Quad Bike Riding, Fitness Programs, Ten-Pin bowling and Farm Visits. Our recent Holiday destinations included Hawaii, New Zealand,

Fiji, Melbourne, South Pacific Cruises, Tasmania and Queensland .

We continually ask for feedback from our members to ensure that they are assisting in choosing the range of activities we offer. By offering these activities we present our members

with opportunities to be socially active and less isolated. Members also create a peer support environment, and with the shared experiences many friendships are formed.