• Dylan G

    Hello my name is Dylan, What I like about Breakaway is the places they take us to and seeing new things and meeting new people. I also like how we joke around and have fun with other people.

    If other people join Breakaway I can see them enjoying themselves . One of the best things I have ever done is join Breakaway…

  • Clint R

    I love hanging out with my friends at Breakaway.

    I’ve been with the group for almost five years now, I enjoy trying and experiencing a wide range of activities, I love the challenge of doing things which I have never done before, I also love to travel with the group whether it’s in Australia or overseas.

    Since my time at Breakaway, I’ve participated in a weekend to Bathurst and two one week adventures to both Hawaii and the north island of New Zealand.

    Breakaway is certainly a life long experience full of happiness and enrichment.…

  • Mary N

    Hi all, my name is Mary and I believe that Breakaway has provided me with many opportunities to grow, not only as an individual but has also allowed me to make many meaningful friendships. Breakaway has helped me experience activities and places that I wouldn’t normally go to or participate in. I have made many friends during my time in Breakaway and now those people mean a lot to me. Sue and Glen are two wonderful people who work day and night to make sure everyone in Breakaway is feeling loved, safe, and most importantly, being involved in activities and adventures that allows people to become more confident and happy.…

  • Jess Q

    At Breakaway I enjoy meeting new people and making life long friends.

    Our activities let us hang with friends, explore new places and have lots of fun. Our holidays planned by Breakaway are always exciting, adventitious and packed with lots of fun activities to do and enjoy.

    Both Sue and Glenn are amazing, kind and dedicated to making sure we are happy and enjoying ourselves.…